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New Release: Competencies at Work: Providing a Common Language for Talent Management

  Co-authored by our very own president/senior consultant, Bruce Griffiths, and our business partner, Enrique Washington. Competencies at Work is a thorough, yet digestible look at contemporary competency modeling. It will equip readers to understand, build, and implement competency models as a foundational and integrating element in talent management systems. Readers will understand how competency models have

The Top 5 Myths About Technology & Recruiting

As the war for top talent continues, improving talent acquisition has become crucial for many companies. According to the latest data, companies spend an average of $3,500 on recruiting per candidate and the US recruiting market has grown to a $124 billion industry. Technology is transforming the way recruitment operates—social media, mobile devices, and networking


Jobs on the Go: Three Ways to Harness Mobile for Talent Acquisition

A recent study by Cisco found that, by the end of 2013, the number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the number of people on Earth. More job seekers than ever are using those mobile devices in their job searches. Anotherstudy by Potential Park found that 20% of job seekers use their mobile devices for career-related purposes, and 63%


What people thought about the service provided by Generator Group

As long time clients of Generator Group we have come to appreciate their sourcing and vetting of candidates, in depth initial screens, as well as reference checking.  That all takes time and networking.

Patrice Stankavich – Far Bank Enterprises – Vice President of Human Resources

We believe that putting the best team on the field is the key to winning. When we need a great new player for our team, we turn to the Generator Group. The Generator Group is a true partner to SKLZ and will be part of our on-going success.

Brian Enge – SKLZ – President

But most of all we appreciate how they have helped us be better recruiters ourselves.  Our goal is to create a stellar experience for our candidates and we want them to feel great about the process.  Generator has been an excellent partner in working with us to make that happen.

Travis Campbell – Far Bank Enterprises – President